Todd Compton Interview

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In this segment we talk about Dr. Compton's past work, he talks about his reasons for agreeing to do this interview, the challenge of writing a long scholarly book from a new perspective (the women's point of view).

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We discuss the impact the book has had, the original documents used in research, intellectuals being excommunicated from the LDS Church, FARMS, and reactions to the book from LDS leadership.

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Writing the book changed Dr. Compton's views on polygamy, hopes of reform within the LDS church, LDS leaders don't want to confront the issues of polygamy, access to mormon documents, feedback from readers and church members.

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Ostracism by FARMS, overview of the book by author, theological grounds for the practice, polyandry, the laws of God take precedence over social norms, the facts of polygamy not being known by most LDS members.

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The difficulties of confronting the realities of polygamy, the rules of Mormon marriages then and now.

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The importance of sex in Mormon polygamy, motivations for polygamy, the failures of polygamy, the ideology of polygamy, Emma Smith.

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Coercion in polygamy, Heber C. Kimball and wife Vilate, Sacred Loneliness being written from the perspective of the women, on being a liberal Mormon, dynastic marriage, on Joseph Smith having sex with a minor.

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Was Joseph Smith an adulterer before he was a polygamist? Did the first wife always know what was going on? Is polygamy justified because there were too many women? Marriagable age in polygamy. A polygamist family that pulled it off. The problem of favoring one wife over the others. Is polygamy an eternal principle?

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How Brigham Young played the "favorite wife" card. Church manuals making Brigham Young out to be a monogamous man. Denial of polygamy amounts to denial of women. Does polygamy hurt the church today? Would the church lose members if they came clean about past mistakes? Church thinks it okay to be dishonest about its past. Carmen Hardy's book Solemn Covenant.

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More on institutional dishonesty. Will the church excomunicate Dr. Compton because of his honesty? On being a "DNA Mormon." Compton can deal with historical issues because he's a "liberal" Mormon. What are some things you'd like to see change in the LDS Church?

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Why are Compton's books written from the perspective of the women. On women needing equal treatment. Is the Priesthood a Mormon exclusivity? Ethics, God and Church. Jesus is a feminist. Neo-conservatism in the leadership today. Black and the Priesthood.

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Is the LDS church still teaching theological polygamy today? Is polygamy necessary to salvation or not? Current denials of polygamy.